Buying up gold and sliver  

Materials and accessories for jewellery work are sold:

Kadaka tee 36, Tallinn, tel 6997370, tel/fax 6997380;
Pärnu mnt 8, Tallinn, tel 600 7715; 53 45 8250

Main products:
Precious metals (Au, Ag, Pt, Pd) with fineness marking 999˚ in granules, casts, etc;
Precious metal alloys in sheets (Au 585˚ja 750˚, Ag 925˚, Pt 950˚)
Precious metal alloys in wire: Au 585˚ (ø 1,0 and 1,5); Au 750˚ (ø 1,0 and 1,5); Ag 925˚ (ø 0,4;0,5; 0,8; 1,0;1,5;2,0;4,0)
Soldering (platinum, gold and silver)
Dental litter with fineness marking Au 900˚
Chain Locks, backsides of the ear rings, backsides of tie needle, studs and other metal parts (gold, 585 silver and 925)
Metal back sides of ear rings
Au ligatures
Wide choice of sample needles
Jewellery stones, pearls, precious stones, etc.
An order is made for delivery of goods, which are not in the list or in the stock.
Tools, instruments and materials are sold:
1.Cutters, jigsaws, a wide selection of cages;
2. Files;
3. Tensioning tool if necessary, saw arm, a variety of rings, clamps and forceps, magnifiers, loupe glasses;
4. Pliers, scissors, pliers from different manufacturers
5. Miscellaneous small equipment; (furnaces, ring, large devices)
6. Polishing devices and wide selection of brushes;
7. Electrolytes, polishing pastes, enamels;
8. Casting materials - waxes, plaster, silicone, rubber;
9. Shellfish and a wide range of jewellery, (wood, leather, plastic)

... and many more tools, equipment and materials needed in the daily work of the jeweller
 Precious metals
Gold (Au)

Gold is a metal with unique properties, which is extraordinary in its beauty.

This special metal, which is a main component of our high quality products, is cleaned in K.A.Rasmussen plants and for additional metals are used only the purest and highest quality metals.

An on-going product development with traditional and also more modern methods of analysis is performed in our plants.

Research and Development Department co-operates on regular basis with our clients to achieve new and better products.
We try to improve people's quality of life with our products in many areas: our expertise include jewellery, design objects, electronics and dental products. Also, we are cleaning gold, where reliability and a high level of service is our trademark.
Silver (Ag)
Silver has many benefits such as easy workability and a beautiful gloss, therefore a lot of silver is used in jewellery, cutlery and case products. Silver is also used as a catalyst in chemical processes and silver has an important role in soldering as well.

KAR has used silver for over 100 years for preparation products such as sheet metal, wire, and soldering. Swedish Boliden silver is used for the raw material and cleaned with our own equipment to the fineness class of 999.9.  Characteristic high quality of KAR products is achieved with the best raw material and best equipment.

Dental products

Materials and equipment for dental laboratories. Buying up of dental gold residue.
* K.A.Rasmussen (dental gold, soldering, wires);
* 3M ESPE (Sinfony composite mass);
* AmannGirrbach (articulators,  milling equipment, laboratory equipment);
* AUSTENAL(KRUPP)(equipment);
* BIFA (pre-heating furnaces, sand sprays);
* COLTENE WHALEDENT (materials and equipment);
* DeguDent (ceramics, teeth, equipment etc.);
* DENTALFARM (equipment);
* DREVE (impression materials, equipment);
* DVA (plaster support materials);
* EDENTA (milling devices, drills, diamond disks, HP-diamonds, splines);
* FORESTADENT (orthodontia products);
* HAGER & WERKEN (tools and equipment);
* HATHO (polishing devices, brushes);
* HERAEUS KULZER (teeth, acryl, dental gold, input masses, CrCo-alloys, cast and other equipment etc.);
* KERN (scales);
* MEGADENTA (ind.spoon material);
* MESTRA (laboratory tools and equipment);
* NSK (micro engines and turbines);
* PLYNO (steam washers);
* RENFERT (waxes, glues, splines, sand sprays and equipment);
* SCHICK (micro engines, model saw, model cage);
* STICK TECH (dentures and bridges support materials);
* W&H (micro engines)
* YETI (waxes, equipment);

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