Dental products

Materials and equipment for dental laboratories. Buying up of dental gold residue.
* K.A.Rasmussen (dental gold, soldering, wires);
* 3M ESPE (Sinfony composite mass);
* AmannGirrbach (articulators,  milling equipment, laboratory equipment);
* AUSTENAL(KRUPP)(equipment);
* BIFA (pre-heating furnaces, sand sprays);
* COLTENE WHALEDENT (materials and equipment);
* DeguDent (ceramics, teeth, equipment etc.);
* DENTALFARM (equipment);
* DREVE (impression materials, equipment);
* DVA (plaster support materials);
* EDENTA (milling devices, drills, diamond disks, HP-diamonds, splines);
* FORESTADENT (orthodontia products);
* HAGER & WERKEN (tools and equipment);
* HATHO (polishing devices, brushes);
* HERAEUS KULZER (teeth, acryl, dental gold, input masses, CrCo-alloys, cast and other equipment etc.);
* KERN (scales);
* MEGADENTA (ind.spoon material);
* MESTRA (laboratory tools and equipment);
* NSK (micro engines and turbines);
* PLYNO (steam washers);
* RENFERT (waxes, glues, splines, sand sprays and equipment);
* SCHICK (micro engines, model saw, model cage);
* STICK TECH (dentures and bridges support materials);
* W&H (micro engines)
* YETI (waxes, equipment);




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