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Forestadent course - The use of TADs with Labial Twin-Brackets and Lingual Self-ligating Brackets - Dr. Vittorio Cacciafesta - May 10-11th 2019 in Tallinn

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Course Director: Dr. Vittorio Cacciafesta – Milan, Italy
Aims of the course

To describe the various clinical techniques of fixed labial and lingual
orthodontic therapy, evaluating the advantages and disadvantages
of conventional and new generation of self-ligating systems used in
combination with TADs. To illustrate the actual archwire sequences in the
different malocclusions, providing therapeutical concepts and clinical tips for
each clinical situation, especially in the management of anchorage control
and extraction cases. To show how orthodontics has changed its mechanics
since the introduction of cortical anchorage and TADs. To learn and try
onto typodonts where it is safe to insert miniscrews and how to fabricate the anchorage for various clinical situations.

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Course Outline:

Conventional vs Self Ligating brackets:
• Passive vs Active Self-Ligating brackets and conventional brackets: the usual dilemma??
• Alignment protocols: clinical tips and tricks
• The Biostarter, BioCosmetic, BioTorque and Betaflex archwires
• Archwire sequence and modifications
• The new generation BioQuick LP and QuicKlear, and totally esthetic ceramic SL brackets (TruKlear)
• The 2D Lingual Brackets: rationale and clinical advantages
• Initial alignment and levelling: what to do and what to avoid
• Single or double archwire mechanics?
• The use of Loops
• Push coils, Labio-lingual mechanics, lazo mechanics and rotatory mechanics
• V bends, Step bends and artistic bends
• The use of cantilevers

Introduction to orthodontic anchorage - Historical development of Temporary Anchorage Devices:
• Osseointegrated implants
• Orthognathic fixation
• Ankylosed teeth
• Retromolar implants
• Palatal implants
• Ligature wires
• Miniplates
• Miniscrews

Temporary Anchorage Devices (TADs):
• Rationale and use
• Different miniscrew systems available on the market
• Insertion sites and clinical protocols (videos)
• TADs and SL brackets in various clinical situations: how to reinforce the anchorage.

Biological background:
• Bone adaptation to miniscrews
• Bone response to loading of miniscrews
• FE Analysis and animal experiments Treatment planning
• Placement locations in the maxilla and mandible (safe zones)
• Anatomical considerations

Biomechanics and step-by-step clinical procedure (videos and hands on)

Clinical Use:
• Managing non-extraction cases and molar distalization
• Managing transverse control and arch coordination
• Managing sagittal control
• Managing space closure and extraction cases
• Managing Molar uprighting and mesialization
• Managing space opening cases
• Managing vertical problems – intrusion of incisors and molars
• Finishing and Torque control: what we should know
• Management of gingival recessions with Lingual Root Torque
• Management of gingival recessions with mucogingival grafts

Retention protocols:
• Mechanical and Biological
• Fixed and removable e Smile Arc and Management of canted occlusal planes
• Management of Midlines

Potential complications: prevention and treatment

Conclusive remarks:
Hands-on: Insertion and clinical management of OrthoEasy mini implants for anchorage reinforcement in various clinical situations


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